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In 1984, H. Irving Grousbeck, the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, pioneered a new investment model, commonly termed a “Search Fund.” The objective of a search fund is to provide a vehicle for young, aspiring entrepreneurs to search for, acquire, manage, and grow a company. “It’s the most direct route to owning a company that you yourself manage,” Grousbeck said. The following are links to recommended Search Fund readings and videos.  

Reports & Resources

Stanford Business: Search Fund Primer - A Primer on Search Funds.  A Practical Guide to Entrepreneurs Embarking on a Search Fund.
Stanford GSB - Best Practices for the Search Phase - Search Funds:  Best Practices for the Search Phase
Stanford Business: 2018 Search Fund Study: Selected Observations - 2018 Search Fund Study:  Selected Observations. Provides insights to all known search funds. 
Improving Search Efficiency - Improving Search efficiency.  Search Fund Guide to Internships
The Search Fund Guide to Sales & Acquisitions Rev. 6.19​ - This guide contains certain tax considerations to keep in mind when buying or selling a business and is meant as a general introduction. 
The Due Diligence Phase - More than Meets the Ey​e - The process of performing due diligence on a target company entails an exhaustive review of all significant business documents and records in an effort to assess the health and viability of the business under consideration
Search Funds - What has Made Them Work? -  The purpose of this resource is to highlight the key success factors of search funds. 
Search Funds: Death and the Afterlife - Presents nine common themes, or causes of failure.
Search Fund LBO Model V 2.0 - Developed by Intrinsic & Endurance (Password protected. Contact Alex Hodgkin, CFA, ASA at Intrinsic, LLC (720) 457-6102).
Spreadsheet and Database Risk Management - An often overlooked risk.
The Letter of Intent - Purpose and Objectives of the LOI



Buy a promising small company and become its CEO - A review of search funds and their success
How CEOs-In-Waiting Buy the Companies They Want to Run - A little-known investment vehicle skyrockets young entrepreneurs into top roles.
Seek and We Shall Fund -  Private equity for absolute beginners
Forbes The Search Fund Model: How to Become a 28-Year Old CEO - View from a first time searcher through an interview with Forbes
New Company - Pre-Launch Organizational Plan - Pre-launch organizational plan template
Reps and Warranties Insurance for Search Funds - by August Felker, HUB International



2018 ETA Conference: How to Search and Close
Search Funds: The Investors' Perspective
Routes to Entrepreneurial Acquisition
Best Practices for Conducting a Search: Panel Discussion
Strategic Management: Routes to Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition