We help search fund entrepreneurs achieve their goal to find, buy and build great companies.

Partnering with Search Fund Entrepreneurs

We enjoy partnering with a select group of Search Fund Entrepreneurs to find, buy and build great companies. We invest our own time, business network and capital which has been harvested from our entrepreneurial activities to help Search Fund Entrepreneurs become successful. Over the years, we are fortunate to have worked with many Search Fund Entrepreneurs and have become keen observers of their best behaviors.
Our style is not for everyone. As entrepreneurs ourselves we are direct and our advice is always practical. We like to encourage Search Fund Entrepreneurs to be bold when they see opportunities and to push hard to quickly identify and manage risks. We are team players and are highly committed to helping every Search Fund Entrepreneur we partner with achieve success. We seek to partner with Search Fund Entrepreneurs who are exceptional people, coachable, industrious, mobile and will never give up.
Some may not always agree with our approach. Most who know us well do.