Providing insight and perseverance to help entrepreneurs acquire, manage and grow a company with confidence

Our Approach

At Endurance Search Partners, we partner with Search Fund Entrepreneurs to find, buy and build great companies. We invest our own capital, expertise, network and valuable time to assist Search Fund Entrepreneurs in maximizing value over the long-term. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that success cannot be modeled on a spreadsheet; the journey requires true grit to face and work through challenges with courage and strength no matter how difficult they first appear. We know this is how long term value is created. 


Our goal is to place promising, motivated managers in an environment with a high probability for success given the oversight and experience of the investors themselves. Endurance Search Partners typically targets companies in the $5-30m price range, $1-5m EBITDA range, revenue greater than $5m. 


We target industries that are not subject to rapid technological change, are not highly regulated, and are in fragmented geographical or product markets. Within preferred industries, companies are targeted based on market position, history of cash flow, and secular tailwinds with opportunities for growth. We provide ongoing support to all of our portfolio companies throughout their long-term operating life. We actively participate on the board for a high percentage of our portfolio of companies. Through board representation, we assist search fund principals as they navigate the opportunities and challenges associated with managing acquired entities. 

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